The #1 secret of inspirational podcasts, and how to do it right!

If you used to think that people always want to be visually enticed, podcasts prove you wrong. Today, Australia is swarming with all sorts of podcasts that cover almost all the subject areas you can think of. Amongst these, while some inspirational podcasts are very well known, some aren’t so.

In comparison, the content might have a smaller gap, along with the production quality, but most hosts do not seem to understand the core ingredient of a podcast that sends ripples across society.

So, what is it?

Inspiring is not a mathematical operation; it has been original, it has to have the appeal, and most importantly, it has to make sense. Thus, the #1 secret of inspirational podcasts that go viral is the choice of the interviewee.

Think of the most popular movies in recent years. In observing these movies, you’d realize that one of the fundamental storytelling rules is to have immensely fulfilled. That is allowing the character to carry the plot. Applying the same theory, although you must focus on the content shared, that content must be mostly carried by none other than the person you have invited. So, how can you make a better choice?

Pay attention to the achievements

People love hearing the results; they want to see the results because a majority of the world is all talks but no work. Thus, when people are curious as to how amazing this person sounds, and how inspiring they are at the molecular level, they’ll end up digging deep. In doing so, what would happen if your inspiring interviewee happened to have founded two of the most profiting companies of Australia in the entrainment industry and large-scale furniture industry?

That’s where we land on the legendary personality of Jeremy Fleming. It’s quite amazing how a single man could influence the job market and keep it alive and growing amidst a pandemic that made the world shut itself down. These are the reasons that make you want to hear how they did it; this is the ultimate secret that’s going to skyrocket your play counts.

Examine the previous interviews and podcasts

There’s no doubt that Australia is filled with all sorts of people who could say inspirational things. But how many of them have been proving themselves to be amazing interviewee material? One of the telltale signs that your podcast is going to go viral is when you’re choosing experienced inspirational and motivational speakers on board. The better their portfolio, the better would be their performance at your podcast; experience is everything.

Discuss and be open to suggestions

A truly inspiring and experienced interviewee is helpful; they want the podcast to be successful because that’s the foundation mindset of such a person. Thus, in choosing the personality for your next podcast, be sure to discuss things over during a test run. That way, you’d be able to be reassured of the forthcoming success that is long overdue for your podcast.

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