What to Know About Medical Pedicures

You may have been to a pedicure a few times in your life and already have a good idea of what this entails. But a medical pedicure can be slightly different. Traditional pedicures tend to focus on cosmetic improvements mostly but with a medical pedicure, you will be able to address some of the foot problems you have.

You can read about some of the benefits of a medical pedicure on the blog.  These are performed by trained professionals who understand anatomy of the foot along with common foot conditions. This is a service you will receive in many podiatry clinics. Podiatrists have the expertise and experience to inspect and examine your feet in order to identify any underlying issues and they will recommend right treatment for your condition. In a medical pedicure, your feet will be assessed so that the podiatrist or the foot care specialist can get an overall idea about the nails, skin and foot health. They will check for signs of foot issues such as corns, calluses, ingrown nails etc. And this will allow them to come up with a specialised treatment to address your foot concerns. They will use sterile instruments during the procedure and maintain cleanliness and hygiene to ensure the safety of the pedicure. Some of the steps in a medical pedicure include removing dead skin, removing corns and calluses safely, trimming nails, filling and buffing nails etc.

Your nail health will also be assessed during a medical pedicure.

Your nails will be cut properly with correct technique. They will also educate you on how to properly cut nails. By trimming your nails straight across, ingrown nails can be prevented. Some of the foot conditions treated during a medical pedicure are treating fungal infections, managing ingrown nails and reducing corns and calluses. All the procedures will be carried out with special tools and techniques in order to restore healthy foot function. Dryness and cracking are some of the common foot concerns you may have. And to combat this, you will need to have proper hydration. There will be moisturising lotions and creams applied to your foot during the medical pedicure in order to hydrate the skin and keep it soft. There will be hydrating products applied to your nails as well so that you can avoid nail splitting and breakage.

You will be able to

Experience detoxifying foot soaks during a medical pedicure which is a great way to improve circulation in your feet and reduce any swelling. Foot odour can also be improved with this. There will also be certain massage oils used such as those rich in collagen in order to moisturise your skin. You can consider a medical pedicure a way to prevent foot issues as you will be provided valuable advice on how to care for your feet and prevent foot issues in the future. You will be provided recommendations on footwear choices in order to adequately cushion and support your feet. Any foot problems can be detected early so that you can receive early treatment and avoid some of the complications of foot issues.

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