Items to Clarify Before Renting an Office Space

Selecting an office to rent can be a big decision and it can impact your workplace productivity as well as the annual budget. So you need to make sure that you are aware of all the information pertaining to the office space and the facilities that are included in the rental. This will ensure that you have fewer issues with the rental company in the future.

You need to think about the future of the company when renting a serviced office space Brisbane. Think about what the size of your company will be in three years or five. There are certain leases that stretch to ten years as well. You cannot be choosing a space based on the expansion you will be having in a year. You need to make sure that you don’t outgrow the space before your lease expires. You need to choose more open space so that you have a buffer when it comes to future expansion. The safety of the location is another important factor. You need to make sure that your employees are safe when they travel to and from work as well as potential clients. A good neighbourhood is a must when it comes to operating an office.

Services are of utmost importance when renting a space. The power requirement of your business should be fulfilled by the space you are renting. Or there should be sufficient space for expansion. You can ask the landlord about rewiring your area to ensure that you get sufficient power for your daily needs. There can be certain approvals you need from authorities to do this. A simpler approach is finding a location that will provide for the power requirements of your equipment. You need to work with an electrical consultant and see if there are issues in the current layout and whether your requirement can be satisfied with the existing services. Make sure you plan with future requirements in mind.

You may have an interior designer plan out the office layout and the furniture. You need to cost this interior component and know how much the furniture will cost. If you are getting custom furniture, you need to take into account manufacturing time as well. If you are paying the rent for this duration of time, you can look at how you can temporarily have a functioning office with rentable furniture. Or you can come into an agreement with the landlord about when he will expect rent due and how much of a leeway you will have when it comes to completing interior arrangements. The wiring and the furniture need to be thought in conjunction. You also need to ask whether there is an annual percentage of the rent increases. This should be specified in the lease agreement. You also need to know exactly what is included in the lease such as which utilities you are expected to pay and whether you need to pay a fee for the maintenance of common areas.

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