Independent accounting freelancers or firms? – What should you choose?

In times like these, the importance of commercial documentation is mandatory. Because in the end of the day, not only will it keep unpleasant corporate experiences, it would also help you to maintain a good name in the industry as well. Hence, regardless of the nature and the scale of the company, the importance of the accounting roles would always be immense. But it brings us to one important place where you need to make a decision – am I going to hire someone who is working individually, or am I going to hire a company?

The simple and the straightforward answer for this question is that you should always go for the companies. Why? That is yet to be reviewed.

#1 – Let us start from the bottom; when you are choosing a freelancer, you get that option and that only. It doesn’t matter whether they did not have the right attitude or the trust-worthy records and so and so, you just will have that person only. But when it comes to the companies, you will always have a number of options to choose from, if the appointed person was not so suitable for the job.

#2 – A person can literally take off from the town overnight and that should scare you. Because in the end of the day, people tend to act quite surprising ways when the circumstances are up. But when you have linkadvisors/accountants, they just can’t and won’t take off overnight. That’s because companies like these have a proven record of clean professional performance, and they thrive to reach to the top of the market in what they do. Hence, the risk of overnight or long terms scandals will be ruled out with a company like this.

#3 – When you have a permanent employee, although they call themselves as a freelancer, your company will be obliged in some way to live up to their expectations. This is the typical employee nature and you can’t change it. But when a proper outsourcing is done, the reward management is a matter that is up to the company that employs them – it just isn’t your concern.

#4 – Most of the individually employed professionals are not that much suitable in several aspects. But when you are going for reputed companies, you will have the opportunity to have the best skills without a doubt. Because these accounting firms would not want to keep the unsuitable ones in their roster since they represent the company.

#5 – Almost all the companies come across at least one instance where the lack of employees is making things quite difficult to handle. Since hiring people to handle this extra stress and firing them once the job is just not that simple, you can reach out to a firm, not an individual person since there will not be obligations in any way.

#6 – These companies cover a multiple number of accounting aspects and they will elevate the functioning of your company. Despite the degree of experience, only a firm would be able to provide you with what you seek, for the most affordable price, period.



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