10 Ways To Surprise Someone Special

Is someone special to you celebrating a birthday? Or you just want to surprise your better half or best friend even if there’s no special affair? There are various ways to surprise him/her. And if you want to know some of them, take time to read everything below.

A Spa or Salon Package

Surprise the special person in your life by giving a spa or salon package. He/she deserves it especially if he/she has no time for him/herself anymore. It’s better if you will join so you two can talk or catch up while doing a relaxing activity.


Travel offers a plethora of benefits like – improves social and communication skills, the opportunity to meet new people, learn a new culture and language, and the list goes on. If the person you’d like to surprise loves to travel, surprise him/her with an all-expense paid travel to a local or international destination. Include a small luggage if he/she doesn’t have one yet.

Night out

Give a simple surprise like a night out to the special person in your life. If you live in the area, you can check out Hen’s night Sydney. They have the hottest male strippers that will deliver a high standard of service.

Watch A Movie At Home

Surprising someone doesn’t mean you have to spend money as you can stay at home and watch a good movie. It can be his/her favorite childhood movie. Prepare a snack that you two can share like a popcorn or homemade pizza.

Do A Chore

Do a household chore for your better half that’s usually his/her everyday chore like cooking breakfast, taking out the garbage, and doing the laundry. He/she will appreciate it for sure, especially when he/she needs to do something else.

Place A Special Note

Nothing’s sweeter than a special note. Place one to your partner’s bag, car, notepad or wallet. Say I love you or any sweet message that will catch him/her off guard. Or send him/her message through unusual means like snail mail sent to his/her office.

Bring Him/Her Favorites

Bring home his/her favorite takeout food, flower, or chocolate. It doesn’t have to be fancy, though. Just the act of surprising the special person in your life is more than enough.

Create An Art

Create a piece of artwork for your best friend or partner. A piece of art is a great addition to any home as it will improve the look of your space. Try to make a big one as it can set a tone for any room. You can frame his/her favorite photo, too. Select from different finishes like brass and bronze.

Record A Sweet Message

Record a sweet message for your partner or a best friend who’s celebrating a birthday using a free app on your smartphone like – Voice Memo on iPhone.


Set up a picnic in a park or at your backyard. Decorate it with a stylish blanket, and flowers. The food doesn’t have to be exquisite as you can prepare a simple yet delicious meal for the two of you.

There are more ways to surprise the important person in your life. Just be creative.

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