Winter Wardrobe Essentials to Stay Warm in Style

Now that the temperature is starting to drop and the wind feels a little bit cooler, updating your wardrobe is one of the first things you need to do to get ready for winter. There are plenty of fashionable pieces you can wear during this cool season – from knitted tops, jackets and boots. Here are some of the basic pieces you must have to make assembling a winter outfit a lot easier.


Chunky knitwear is truly comfortable and warm to be worn during winter. You can wear it in a variety of ways – as a sweater, skirt, jumper, outerwear and a lot more. Knitted pieces are also versatile and can be worn with almost any style, especially when you’re into neutral colours and prints.

Leather Jacket

A good leather jacket is every fashionista’s best friend during winter. There are plenty of styles and colours to choose from, you can definitely have one that suits your style. Leather jackets can be worn over almost anything. You can use it as an outer layer when you’re wearing a dress or a shirt. You may also wear The Fable silk shirts as an inner wear to keep it cool and comfortable especially when the weather isn’t that cold yet. For a bold and daring look, opt for embellished ones; or go for crop fit if you want a more formal look.

Denim Pieces

Denim is a versatile material. It can be worn in almost any weather or season. Whether you prefer a denim jacket, jeans, or dress, this material can keep you comfortable during this cold season. Denim pieces never go out of style so you can definitely wear them for as long as you want, no matter what year it is. Because it is neural, it works well with almost any clothing piece you want to pair with it.


Aside from outerwear and other clothes, there is another winter wardrobe essential every fashionista loves to have in their wardrobe – a lovely pair of boots. They provide extra protection and warm to your feet especially when the temperature starts to drop. There are plenty of styles to choose from such as knee-high boots and ankle length. You can also choose from flats or heeled ones, depending on your comfort and style preferences.


Another essential winter piece is the scarf. You can wear it around your neck for more warmth or just drape over your shoulders if the temperature isn’t that cold yet. Chunky knitted ones are a popular choice if you want to add more style and detail on your winter outfit. However, there are also plenty of materials to choose from depending on which feels more comfortable for you when worn. Try wearing a bold coloured scarf over a neutral-looking winter outfit for more appeal.

Dressing up for winter should be a fun experience. With these basic winter pieces, creating your own unique winter look is made easier. Try them out and see which one suits your style.

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