Most Romantic Flowers for The Love of Your Life

Flowers have been used for centuries by lovers in expressing their love for each other. Giving flowers to someone you love has already been a custom in conveying deep feelings that can’t be expressed enough by words.

Gifting your special someone with flowers is not just for Valentine’s Day but also for a lot of special events such as anniversaries and birthdays. Each flower has its own meaning when given to someone. If you’re looking for the best romantic flowers to give your special someone, here are the most popular pick.


Red roses are the most popular flowers when it comes to expressing your love for someone. Although there are plenty of shades to choose from, red roses are always the perfect choice if you simply want to say how much you love her through a fresh bouquet. Whether it’s a single rose, a dozen, or even a bouquet, nothing expresses romantic love more than red roses. Send her a fresh bouquet today by ordering online flowers delivery Upwey to make her day brighter.


Carnations symbolize admiration and fascination to your loved one. Red carnations are a perfect floral gift if you’re planning to propose to your special someone. Aside from proposals, carnations are also popularly known as first wedding anniversary flowers making it a perfect addition for your surprise to her on that special day.


If you have that crush whom you simply can’t take out of your mind, this flower is perfect for you. A fresh bouquet of lilies conveys your simple crush to someone, making it a great gift to give if you want to confess your feelings to her. Aside from that, lilies are also known as the 30th anniversary flower which indicates the strong bond you have with your lover.


Although not much people see sunflowers as romantic, they are indeed one of the best flowers you can give to someone you love. These lovely bright blooms simply tell your partner how she brightens up your life with her presence. Tell her how happy you are to have her in your life by giving her a bouquet of fresh dwarf sunflowers.


Orchids are rare and exotic, making them more romantic than any other flowers out there. There are plenty of kinds and shades you can choose from, depending on which suits your partner’s preferences. When giving flowers, it is believed that the rarer kind of flower you give, the deeper is the love that you feel and want to express to her. Bring her a bunch of her favourite orchids to say how deep your love is.


Tulips can be found in varyingwww. If you’re looking for an elegant flower to gift your special someone, a bouquet of tulips is a perfect choice. Red tulips signify perfect love, making it a great choice if you want to win someone’s heart.

If words aren’t just enough to express your love to someone, you can always convey your feelings with a fresh bunch of blooms.

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