What are the Must-haves in a boat toolkit?

We all know that all vehicles come with the mandatory requirement of having a toolkit to meet the demands of any emergency. The everyday colloquial notions of toolkits for cars, trucks, and bikes are nothing new to anyone. However, do you know about the mandatory tools that must be included in a boat toolkit? Most people tend to limit boat tools to a good stable anchor however this is just a way of skimming the surface since deeper waters require more mechanically efficient gear.

As much as one must know about the requirement of tools for a boat in a general sort of manner, for those who live close to popular destinations where boats are a frequent sight this makes Chandlery, a common sight in such areas as well. There could be a list of about a dozen of tools that would come in handy during a boat emergency. But there’s hardly any room in a boat compartment to fit in all of this. Many people do not know how to do repairs using all of these tools therefore we can cover the most basic tools required when onboard.

The first of the tool family to top the list are screwdrivers. Now, when it comes to a boat toolkit, unlike in a mechanical workshop, you need a high-quality toolkit and nothing in between. This is because most basic boat repairs are most likely to need screwdrivers for their repairs and the last thing one might want is a bunch of rickety screwdrivers to get the job done. The next on the list is the socket set. The specification of a socket set is 3/8 drive or 3/8” to 13/16” socket sets. It is best to get a wobbly extension as well to work in tight spaces. A fitted socket must-have when it comes to removing spark plugs. They eliminate the need for a certain type of spark plug wrenches.

Afterwards, we have wrenches. When it comes to these, there are a few of them worth investing in. A good quality prop wrench will help you deal with the propeller if it encounters any issues. But in a general manner, some open and box wrenches are the most ideal type within the range of 3/16” to 1”. There’s also the worthy investment of getting a crescent wrench within 8” and 12” and pipe wrenches with 1 ¾” opening. In addition to these investments in a full set of Allen, wrenches are also a good idea. And last but not least, look for a spanner wrench as well, they come in handy when getting a fuel filter replaced. The next most essential set of equipment is pliers. Once again, there are several kinds of good ones when it comes to these as well. Look for a regular pair and a needle nose, vice-grips, and Channel-lock pliers will round up the most needed pliers.A voltmeter or millimetre is good to have handy. They can be used to track down any shorts in your wiring with this.

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