How To Buy the Best Kitchen Knife

When you go shopping for your kitchen, you must not forget about kitchen knives since they are considered to be one of the necessary utensil or gadgets your kitchen must have since it is the tool you will need to prepare your ingredients. You will need it to mince herbs or cut up meat and vegetables. It might be overwhelming to find a good knife especially since being sharp should not be the only reason why you are buying a particular knife.

How the knife feel on your hands should also be a consideration especially if you would be cutting a lot of fruits and vegetables. If the knife is heavy or the handle is not ergonomically designed, the repetitive cutting would make it painful and uncomfortable.

Buy the essentials (first)

Buying a set of knives could be pricey, if you intend to buy a set. But if you would only use the bare essentials, purchase a chef’s knife, bread knife and paring knife. Of course, it would be better if you purchase a whole set especially if you anticipate that you will be spending most of your time in the kitchen preparing meals.

If you could visit a physical store to try on the knives it will be better, to get a feel of the knives and if they are comfortable to grip. But if you are not able to go to a store or prefer to shop online, buy from reputable brands. For example,our fixed blade kitchen knives are designed to minimize soreness no matter how long you have been chopping.

Consider the materials used

Most of the knives we see are made of steel. No matter the price it’s usually made of steel which sometimes made us think that it’s of a good quality. But not all knives made of steel is good. You will find “stainless steel” or “carbon steel” and you might be overwhelmed with the choices.

Both have their merit since carbon steel is harder, stays sharp for a long time and easier to sharp while stainless steel is of course, better in resisting rust and corrosion. Experts recommend buying a knife made of “high-carbon stainless steel” which combines the good qualities of stainless steel and carbon steel.

Forged or stamped?

Stamped knives are machine made and generally known to be second rate to forged blades. Nevertheless, the blades maintain a sharp edge and full tangs. Stamped knives are also more economical, if budget is an issue.

Forged knives on the other hand are made out of a single bar of steel that is heated and hammered into shape by a machine or by a craftsman. Since the procedure is time consuming and laborious, forged knives are pricier than stamped knives. They are also heavier but does not feel like that when being used. They are also of good quality and some are even passed down as heirlooms.

The best way to choose a knife is to consider how it feels in your hand and how easy and effective it is to use. How long a knife retains its sharpness is also crucial. It’s also a good idea to consider knives from well-known and respected manufacturers.

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