How to Choose a Material for Your House Doors

There are so many types of material that you can use for your house doors. You can weigh the factors of cost, durability, aesthetic appearance and purpose of the door when you are selecting a material. Some of the common materials that you can go for are timber, steel, glass and fibreglass. They all have their pros and cons so you need to select which fits your requirements. If you are working with an interior designer or architect, they will weigh in on materials for the house depending on the overall aesthetics of the form.

Timber doors

When looking at timber doors, they are commonly used as they can give a classic appearance to the space. The benefits of having custom timber doors are that they will provide a unique element to your house which will increase your curb appeal and a properly fitted door will provide good insulation against heat and cold. There are different timber that you can source depending on the colour, grain and durability. You can also have glass inserts and lighting that will elevate the look of the door. But you need to consider that wood is a natural material and with time there is a tendency to warp with temperature and weather changes. However, you can sand and re-stain the wooden door any number of times in its lifetime so that you can restore it to its original appearance.

Steel doors

Steel is not commonly used for an entrance door because it lacks the warmth and welcoming feeling that you get when you go inside a house. However, if your main concern is security and reinforcing the entrance against extreme weather conditions and temperature changes, this is a good option. It is practically impossible to break in through a steel door. However, if there is an impact and a dent occurs, it will be quite difficult to repair it. You may need to remove the door and repair the dent.

Fibreglass doors

Fibreglass will have a visual similarity to timber but it will be more durable. You can stain the door to match any colour of timber. In addition to the traditional timber colours, you can go for something unconventional as well. They will be able to withstand daily wear and tear. There is hardly any maintenance that will need to be done. They also provide excellent insulation properties because of the insulated core within. The cost will be the deciding factor here as it is more expensive than a wooden door. And it will feel texturally very different from a timber door as well.

Glass doors

Glass doors are becoming more popular as front doors for more modern designs. They will provide a good view of the outside and allow natural light to filter in. If you want more privacy while keeping some natural light, you can have a frosted glass. There is also coloured glass that you can use depending on your preference. With glass, you can go for double glazed glass that will provide excellent protection against the elements. It will add to the thermal efficiency of the house.

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