Aussie-Style Great Home Retreat!

Australia is blessed with glorious sunny days during most of the year!  On the whole, the country has a very low annual average rainfall of 419 mm, received between March and May.  As such outdoor living/entertainment is an integral part of the lives of Australians!

Across the country, almost every weekend families and friends entertain and enjoy great outdoor gatherings in their backyards and balconies!  Here is how to set up your own outdoor entertainment you’ll never want to leave;

Outdoor Entertainment Area

Australian home designing thrives upon creating a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces!  As such Aussie style entertaining requires an outdoor/indoor entertainment area.  Here are some suggestions for creating your own stunning entertaining area;

  1. Install glass sliding doors to the entire width to enhance this elusive connection between your indoor and outdoor living spaces.  They add more natural light into your home.


  1. Design your kitchen in such a way that it is an open space in the backyard garden!  Marble or concrete bench-tops add subtle beauty to this setup!  Join long lasting dining tables for the outdoors to the kitchen island, maximising the impact of your backyard.


  1. Set glass and aluminium bi-fold doors with a frame of your home’s colour theme that opens to your backyard.  Set a fire pit outside for those surreal winter gatherings!


  1. Design an outdoor living area as your children’s favourite place to be, complete with kids’ swings.  Connect this area to the indoor kitchen with timber-framed glass doors.


  1. A brick-paved entertaining area that is extended from your kitchen beyond the sliding doors, makes it look like it is one big area.


  1. If you do not have much space at your backyard, try out a covered terrace seating area that is perfect for family gatherings.

Ideas to Enliven Your Outdoor Entertaining Area

1.      Go Green!

With low maintenance and inexpensive options of Australian native plants and succulents, bring in the special air to your outdoor living space.  Installing plants to your living spaces has been proven to improve your wellbeing and mental health.  Mix them up with various sizes, shapes and shades of colour to create an eclectic and lively feel!

2.      Pots and Pebbles!

Concrete pots and smooth pebbles are a savvy way to add interest and beauty to your backyard!

3.      Bring Out the Inside Comfort!

Gone are the days of uncomfortable deck chairs and cushion-less seats!  Bring the comfort of your indoor living space to the outdoor one too.  Set comfortable sofas, chairs, cushions and throw-pillows to soak in the Australian summer.

4.      Create a Focal Point!

Set up a talking point for your guests!   This focal point can be a fire pit, a fountain or a sculpture.

5.      Set a Wall Art!

Fabricate a wall art out of steel or canvass and place it as a privacy screen or to obscure an undesirable view.

6.      Let the Light Play its Magic!

Light creates a welcoming atmosphere for your outdoor entertainment area.  Use light creatively in decorative lanterns, candles and light bulbs and let it play its magic after dusk to give your backyard an ethereal look! 

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