What Is The Best Filter For Your Pool?

If you’re looking to purchase filters for your pool, having a sand filter would be the best choice. Below, we’ll be discussing why, so keep reading.

They’re Cheap

Compared to cartridge filters, sand filters are much cheaper. This alone is a good reason to purchase it. However, you can get this already cheap item for much less if you decide to purchase it during sales. Therefore, reducing the cost you’ll spend on your pool considerably as we all know how expensive it can be.

They’re Easy To Maintain

Being quite cheap, you may think they’re not so easy to maintain but you’re wrong. From all the options available, filters made from sand are known to be the easiest to clean. Because of this, you won’t waste your time tending to it.

As it is easy to clean, you can expect it to last for a long time as nothing will compromise its health, especially if it’s made from high quality sand.

Because of this, they make a great investment as you’re getting the biggest return for the cash you’ve spent.  Additionally, as you won’t have to spend regularly to replace them, you’re saving money this way as well.

Greater Life Span

The filters would last longer as they’re made from higher quality materials. This is due to the sand inside of it which the cartridge lacks.

As you can replace the sand in the filter, you can buy a cheap one and purchase high quality sand, letting you buy a filter for a considerably low price while getting the most work done.

Does A Better Job

If you compare the filter with its counterparts, it does a much better job at extracting dirt, especially more than a cartridge filter even though the latter is more expensive. Moreover, they can suck up to 40 microns of dirt while its cartridge counterpart can only achieve 15.

If you care about your family’s safety, you see why pool filters made from sand are the best option.

As we discussed they’re very easy to clean, so you won’t put this task off, affecting how well the filter can do its job- letting the pool be as clean as possible.

Save Money

Not only would you be saving money because it’s a cheap purchase but it’s also incredibly cheap to maintain. If you want to replace the sand in the filter, you can easily do it as even the highest quality sand isn’t pricey. This is not the case with cartridge filters.

Moreover, you’ll be saving money on your energy bills. The pump uses less pressure, possibly the lowest from the filters available in the market.

Easily Backwash The Pool

How often a pool is backwashed will determine how clean it is. Thankfully for you, a sand filter allows you to easily backwash your pool which allows for a sanitary environment for your family to swim in.

If you consider the above points, you’ll see why they’re so beneficial. Thus, nothing is stopping you from purchasing it.

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