Tips for Shooting a Family Portrait

Shooting a family portrait is a big responsibility and if you don’t stick to the best practices, these sessions can lead to a lot of stress. Remember, you’re not just tasked with taking a regular photograph; you’re also responsible for capturing genuine moments of love between the members of a family- a keepsake to treasure for always.

If you’re nervous about an upcoming family portrait session, don’t worry. Simply go through the tips below and you’ll be able to turn into an enjoyable time for both parties.

Give Your Clients Proper Instructions

If you find a family that’s already pretty experienced in photo shoots then consider yourself lucky. However, most of the time, you’ll be dealing with first-timers who need a lot of instructions.

A couple or all of the family members may not be completely comfortable being in front of a camera. Hence it’s your job to help them relax and overcome their discomfort. Otherwise it’s going to seep into the photograph, ultimately making it look rather fake.

Posing doesn’t come naturally to most people so it’s your job to make sure that their positioned properly. Your photos will definitely look more candid if you ask your clients to carry out things that they enjoy doing as a family. This could include going on a walk, dancing, hugging…etc.

Pay Attention to the Surroundings

If you’re outdoors especially, then you need to be aware of what’s going in the background. If you’re at a park, then you need to watch out for other people appearing in the frame. This is something you don’t want to deal with when you sit down to edit your photos.

In addition, you need to be careful when directing your clients. For instance, check whether the path is clear before you tell your clients to move back or they might end up hitting against something or someone. If you’re not confident enough to carry out the photo shoot in a live setting, then ask your client if they’re okay with having it done in a studio. Thankfully when it comes to professional photo studio hire Melbourne has a lot to offer.

Provide Guidance on the Outfits

More often than not, your clients will ask you what they should wear. It’s better to have the outfits be coordinated so that the idea of family unity is conveyed in the portrait.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that each member has to wear the exact same attire. However, it’s best that they stick to the same style (casual, formal, semi-formal…etc.) and colours. It’s always a bad idea to have just one person wearing bright colours because all of the attention will immediately be directed to just him/her.

Take Several Photos

This might seem obvious but it’s definitely worth mentioning. If you’re shooting a particular pose don’t just put all of your eggs in one basket; take several snaps of it. This way you can rest easy knowing that at least one will come out well and that you won’t need to deliver bad news to your client.

By sticking to the tips above, you’ll be able to remove every bit of stress from the session and make it a fun time for both yourself and the client.

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