Tips And Suggestions For Running A Business From Home

If you’re thinking of turning part of your home into your new business premise, the below tips and suggestions will be of great value to you.

Make Sure You Are Not Crossing Any Boundaries

You might think it’s perfectly alright to run a business from the place you call home, but there are instances where it can be stepping on someone else’s toes. This is true if you happen to be living in a rented or leased out home, or if a traffic of clients/customers can disturb others residing in the neighborhood. This is also something to think of it you will have to do any major renovations and structural changes to your home to make it business worthy. Make sure you are not crossing any of these fine lines, as it can make things messy for you in the future.

Have A Few Professional Touches

Add a few professional touches to your “store”, so it feels more like a business premise, rather than a part of a house. Some simple examples for these professional touches would be to have a signboard with your name, install CCTV cameras, make use of POS systems, have a credit card machine etc. You can even rent out a free area close to your home for customer parking, again, solidifying the fact that you are running a business.

Take The Necessary Steps To Ensure Your Home Is Separated From The Business Area

Most people who run their business from home have their own reason to do so. It may be a startup still to leave the ground, you may be a parent trying to work while looking after your child at the same time, you can also be someone homebound for some reason or the other. Regardless of why you chose to have your business attached to your home, it is vital that you take all necessary steps to ensure your home is separated from the business. This not only adds a touch of professionalism (where your clients can’t hear your family members talking or babies crying in the backdrop), it is also a step to ensure the safety of your family.

Mark Your Home In Google Maps

Whether you are driving yourself to an unknown destination, or you are using a cab service, looking up your destination in google maps is something we all do nowadays. Adding your home’s address (as well as the name of your business) on google maps not only makes it easier for your new and potential clients to find you, it also gives them the assurance that you are not a fraud, and that your business is genuine. This in combination with the business name board should bring customers to you…even if your home is well hidden from the road.

Have A Few Easy Landmarks To Find Your Home

Not all homes are right by the main roads, and easy to spot. If your home takes a little navigation to find, make sure you know exactly how it is to explain to your clients how to find you. For this, identifying a few well-known landmarks helps a great deal. If your directions cannot be shared in a few clear instructions, offer to send a detailed message on how to get to your place of business…

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