So, If the Tap Water Is Fine, Why Do We Need a Water Filter?

Why should you worry about water filters and how they work?

Even though fresh water is critical for human existence and survival, the majority of people have little knowledge about the subject. In contrast, most individuals will devote far more effort to studying the purchase of a new television than they will to researching the purchase of drinking water.

When there are issues about the quality or taste of tap water, the usual answer is to purchase bottled water. The issue is that there is no scientific proof that bottled water is superior in most situations. Based mostly on anecdotal data, 600 million families worldwide now choose bottled water over tap water every day. What if there was a far better and less expensive method for nearly every home to receive clean, safe drinking water straight from the tap? There is one, and it is known as a water filter, and in the same vein water softeners.

We’ll go over all the primary issues regarding tap water in this post, as well as how water filters may help.

This is an article explaining why you should use water filters even if your tap water isn’t so terrible, so let’s get started… Let’s go right to the meat of the matter: the two key questions.

Why should we consume tap water instead than bottled water?

Most families had to gather water from a nearby well and carry it home only a little over a century ago. It was inconvenient, time-consuming, and difficult. With the advent of tap water in every home, everyone had near-unlimited access to clean water from the faucet at home. In general, tap water was inexpensive, handy, and safe. In certain nations, 40-50 percent of the population has switched from drinking tap water to drinking bottled water during the last 40 years. Hundreds of millions of people are once again bringing water home from the tap. During this time, the quality of tap water in Europe and North America improved, not deteriorated. Bottled water is not only inconvenient, but it is also bad for the environment and hundreds to thousands of times more expensive than tap water. Worse, it isn’t any healthier or safer than regular tap water. In fact, in most areas with hard water, tap water contains more minerals than bottled water.

So, if the tap water is fine, why do we need a Water Filter?

The misconception that tap water is dangerous to drink persists. This myth is untrue, at least throughout much of Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia. Before you use the tap water, your local water supplier has already filtered and treated it thoroughly. Water filters aren’t simply for hypochondriacs, despite the safety of tap water. Because of the chlorine and mineral content in tap water, it may have an unpleasant taste. Chemicals added to tap water during the cleansing process might be harmful to consume. Bacteria and other pathogens can infiltrate water after it has gone through the treatment procedure. Water may shave away silt or metal shavings from your pipes if they are old or rusted, which will then enter your water supply.

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