Reasons Why Mineral Makeup Foundation is better than Regular Ones

Choosing a good makeup foundation as the base for your makeup is an essential part of your overall makeup routine. The longevity and look of your makeup all depends on the type of base you use. While liquid and cream foundations are the most popular ones, frequent use of these products aren’t really recommended by skin experts. They tend to clog up the pores the more you use them and suffocated the skin which can lead to premature aging.

The better alternative is a mineral powder foundation. A lot of people can swear that this type of foundation is really good even for those with sensitive skin. Learn more about mineral powder foundation and its benefits by reading below.

Better Coverage

One great thing about this foundation is that it can provide better coverage than others. Traditional foundations are bulky and heavy on the skin. When you need to cover up more blemishes, you also need to apply more product which will bulk on your skin later on. However, with a mineral powder foundation, you could have better coverage because it is more pigmented. You don’t need to apply a thick layer of product just to achieve a perfect blemish-free complexion.

Better Sun Protection

Another benefit of mineral powder foundation is its better sun protection feature. This type of foundation usually contains minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which are common ingredients that are found in sunscreen products. It creates a protective layer in your skin and simply reflects the sun’s UV rays naturally when you use mineral powder foundation.

Smooth Texture

You’ll notice that regular foundations like the liquid ones usually settle into the creases of your face, making your makeup look messy. However, with a mineral powder foundation, you can be sure that your makeup will have a smooth finish even hours after applying the makeup. This kind of foundation is very light and provides a barely-there feel; it doesn’t settle into your facial lines and form creases that make your skin look older.

Wears Longer

Another great thing about mineral powder foundation is that it can be worn for a longer time without looking messy and needing touchups. It just sets on the skin naturally and creates a smooth and even coverage that could last the whole day.

Perfect for All Skin Types

Mineral powder foundation is really suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive ones. Whether you have dry, oily, normal, or a combination of all skin types, mineral powder foundation will hold on to your skin and still have the same smooth finish without clogging pores, making it perfect for acne-prone skin too.

Looks Perfect on Camera

A lot of celebrities opt for this type of foundation because it simply looks great on the camera. It can cover up any flaw, blemish, and discoloration without looking overly done. It is actually used if you want to achieve a barely-there makeup look.

With all those benefits, mineral powder foundation is really worth trying.

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