Information You Must Have Before You Go Shopping for Sustainable Underwear

Since we all must do our part to help save the Earth, we must lessen our waste and try to shop for sustainable products. There is various sustainable underwear that you would have your pick depending on your preference and how sustainable the process is. The level of sustainability depends on the material and if you are really serious about using sustainable underwear read below to know which sustainable underwear is the best.

Hemp Underwear

Hemp underwear is anti-bacterial and is considered to be a sustainable product because it requires 50% less water compared to when using cotton and does not need the use of pesticides or herbicides. It is also one of the strongest fibres and have natural UV protection as high as UPF 50+.

Tencel Underwear

Fibres manufactured into Tencel underwear comes from trees such as beech, birch, eucalyptus etc. Even if chemicals are used in the production of Tencel underwear, the chemicals are reused. If you prefer underwear that is luxurious in appearance and feel, choose this sustainable underwear.

Bamboo Underwear

Bamboo underwear is getting popular lately because the fabric is lighter and silkier compared to cotton. Males who bought mens bamboo underwear Australia also stated that bamboo underwear is easier to dry because of the breathable material. Bamboo underwear is also preferred by those with sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic and gentle enough to not cause any skin irritation.

Bamboo also absorbs colours from dye faster than cotton so if you like your underwear drawer to be as colourful as your personality, you would not run out of colours and designs to choose from when you made the switch to bamboo underwear. Since bamboo is sustainable, it is also used not only in the manufacturing of underwear but also in more than 1,500 products.

Linen Underwear

Made from the fibres of flax plant, linen underwear is biodegradable and recyclable. This sustainable underwear is preferred by those who live in places with hotter weather since linen underwear provides coolness since it allows more airflow. It is also lighter than cotton and the texture is slightly silky. The production of linen does not use as much water and energy as that of cotton or production of synthetic fabrics.

Organic Cotton Underwear

Like with hemp, organic cotton is harvested without the use of pesticides and herbicides. Compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton does not use the heavy use of chemicals. Cotton farmers are also making the switch to organic cotton farming so when you purchase organic cotton underwear, you are not just supporting sustainable underwear, you are also supporting sustainable farming.

Organic cotton is almost the same as traditional cotton when it comes to softness. So, if you prefer your underwear to still feel like how your underwear are before, opt for organic cotton underwear.

No matter which of these styles of sustainable underwear you prefer, you are already making the smart move into looking in ways you could help our environment by choosing to shop for sustainable underwear instead.

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