How to Style your Summer Outfits

Summer is here and we couldn’t be happier! With the only reminder of winter being the slight wisps of a cool breeze in the evening, it’s time to store away the parkas and heavy overcoats in order to welcome the season of T-shirts and dresses. Feeling the sun gleaming down on the fresh greenery, breathing in the fresh summer air and listening to the little birds tweeting from their hidden nests whilst picnicking in the park aren’t the only things to look forward to, however. The real pull is in getting to wear the light flowy stuff. The T-shirts, shirts, and dresses.

Of course, as with all fashion, there are some best practices associated with warm weather, so let’s go through some of them and break them down. But first, if you’re looking for some killer clothing that’ll have people turning heads so fast that they fall down unconscious, do make sure to check out 13 of the best summer frocks. They’ve got the nicest patterns and materials this side of the pacific.

So how do we get our wardrobes ready for the summer you may ask? The first step is to wear light-colored clothing. This one is a breeze because come on, it’s the summer, the sun is shining down on us, making everything look like an Instagram filter and it’s glorious. Do you want to capture the spirit of the summer with light colors and dresses and shirts, which reflect the sun’s rays and make you also a little sun? Yes, you do. Wear light colors, thank us later. Another tip for you is to wear sleeveless stuff. Yes, sleeveless attire is one of those things that you can only wear in the summer. Its light, breezy, keep their pits dry and makes you look light as a feather. Promote airflow, think sleeveless camis and puff sleeve blouses. These will make your life a whole lot better because if you wear a jacket, we can guarantee that depending on how hot it is in your neck of the woods, the inside of that jacket is going to be like a slip and slide. Not fun for you or the poor jacket. Loose clothing is also important. This is for two reasons, one, it’s kind of fun to embrace the loose fit look, and two, in the summer going tight fit will mean sweat stains up the wazoo, it will mean sweat stains in places you didn’t think were possible. Do yourself a favor, and go loose fit. Think cropped things, loose shirts, dresses, and large blouses. Remember it’s not ill-fitting if it’s large enough, it’s fashion. Another thing to keep in mind is to go for athleisure. What is athleisure? Honestly, that’s an entire piece unto itself but it’s basically athleticwear that is comfortable enough for you to wear at your leisure time. It does make you seem like you’re going to simultaneously burst out of rest into a jog around town, but that’s kind of the point. Made with moisture wicking fabric, most athleisure attire is great for the summer.

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