How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

As a dog owner, it’s natural to look for ways on how to take care of your pet dog properly. Your dog is special to you and you’d always want to give the best for him. With love and proper care, you can keep your dog healthy and happy every day.

Dogs aren’t that complicated to take care of and it’s easy to learn the basic steps to keep your dog at its best condition. If you’re still new to dog ownership and still learning the ways of proper dog care, here are the basic things you need to know.

Finest Nutrition

Feeding your dog healthy food is essential in keeping it healthy. The type of food you give your dog affects its overall health – from its weight, coat quality, energy level, and other functions. It is not that hard to provide your dog optimum nutrition since commercial dog foods are formulated to contain all the essential nutrients your dog needs daily.

You could supplement their diet with other good foods such as meats, vegetables, fruits, and other foods that aren’t toxic to dogs such as chocolates. When feeding meat to your dog, it is best to give it raw since dogs and carnivores and it’s how they naturally consume meat. You could purchase raw meat such as duck necks for dogs from specialty dog food shops to complete the nutrition of your beloved canine pet.


Aside from proper nutrition, your dog also needs to stay active to maintain a healthy and fit body. Dogs with lesser activity tend to get bored and usually show signs of negative behaviour. Since your dog is getting so much energy from the healthy food you feed, it also needs to spend that energy through exercise and other activities. Two hours of exercise and activity are recommended for most dogs but you could actually tailor an exercise routine and duration that suits your dog better.

Hygiene and Grooming

Proper hygiene and grooming is also important in keeping a dog healthy. Some people might think that dog grooming is just for fancy dogs but it is actually essential for all. Provide regular scheduled grooming for your dog such as giving it a bath, haircut, nail cut, brushing its teeth, and other more ways to keep it physically clean.

Schedule Regular Vet Visits

Lastly, your dog also needs regular scheduled wellness check-ups from a trusted veterinarian. Visits to the vet shouldn’t only be done when your dog is feeling unwell, a wellness check-up should also be done at least twice a year to monitor your pet’s health and to detect problems early on to prevent it from worsening. You could also get expert advice from the vet on how to take care of your dog properly and complete vaccinations your dog needs to protect it from life-threatening illnesses.

Although dogs aren’t that complicated to take care of, you need to do all the essential steps in order to keep it healthy, happy, and away from disease.

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