What Should You Know About Customizing Packaging Boxes?

With the increasing eCommerce stores nowadays, there is a great spike in shipping goods locally and overseas. Indeed, one of the key elements one should consider when sending a good through a shipment is; the packaging.

Packaging is majorly accountable for how the recipient is receiving the good, whether it is in good condition or; in a poor and damaged condition.

In this competitive world of online trades, every business is trying to offer something unique to their customers. Perhaps, one of the quickest ways to enhance customer experience is by personalization. For instance, having custom shipping boxes is a great way to stand ahead of the competitors. Besides, creating hype and excitement for the end-users is the right way to boost the business’s sales.

To have custom shipping boxes isn’t the cheapest of options. However, with strategic planning and precise steps, one can make the maximum out of personalization.

What Is the Purpose of Having Customized Shipping Boxes?

In today’s era of shopping, customer experience is a top priority. They say the first impression is the last impression. Moreover, 80% of shoppers are more likely to purchase from a business offering personalized solutions. Personalized shipping cartons help to drive brand loyalty and increase brand identity.

What is the cost to customized a shipping box?

Indeed, Custom Boxes are perfect for transporting stock. However, one must evaluate the cost against the expected benefits. The cost depends on various factors- such as materials, quantity, printing and etc.

Here are a few classifications:

Material Options:

  • Standard cardboard box
  • Premium cardboard box
  • Glossy ink cardboard box
  • Corrugated cardboard box

Printing Options:

  • Full Colour print on the inside and outside
  • Full colour print either on the inside, or the outside.
  • Specific print on one or two sides
  • No print – blank
  • Logo print

These are few options from which one can choose. However, the pricing also depends on whether it is a colour print or black and white.

When it comes to printing, there are three central printing methods used to customize shipping packages.

What are the different types of printing?

Flexographic printing

It is a popular option for printing custom shipping boxes. This method works like a rubber stamp on a bigger scale. In detail, your business design is carved in a printing plate, that acts as a large ink pad. It is fixed to a rotary drum that spins. Then it picks up ink and stamps on the corrugated packages.

Digital Printing

This method of printing is useful for smaller orders. A close example of digital printing is similar to having a laser jet coloured printer at home. In this method, the colours get mixed digitally, and then the design gets printed on the box.

Litho label printing

It is also known as lithographic. This technique provides high-quality and cleaner prints. Moreover, it is rich in resolutions, giving the end results like it is wallpaper. However, unlike other printing methods on the boxes, the lithographic prints on a flat paper sheet. It is processed, cut, and then attached to the box.

Full Label: when the box is covered entirely in the litho label.

Spot Label: a print partially covering the box.

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