What are the Main Types of CBD?

Cannabidiol can be identified as one of the natural remedies used for many common illnesses. This is also known as CBD and can now be found in different forms like CBD oil, capsules, vape juice, etc. However, CBD has much more to it than just gummies or tinctures. There are three major types of CBD such as full-spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate. So is a brief explanation to each type for you to understand the options you have and choose the right type of CBD for you.

Full Spectrum

This includes the whole plant which means the total extract of the flower, including THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and all cannabinoids. Full spectrum products are considered the most premium type of CBD because it includes all the above elements which many people describe as an entourage effect. However, there is a concern regarding the full spectrum products as they contain THC. This is because there are people who do not want THC.

Broad Spectrum

Broad spectrum is a new term which is evolving in the industry. This includes the whole pant but no THC. That means broad spectrum can be defined as the extract of the flower and most other cannabinoids without THC. The THC has been removed entirely from these products. Broad spectrum products offer many benefits for the consumers who do not want THC or cannot have THC in their CBD but still prefer other benefits of the cannabis plant.

However, broad spectrum products can be more expensive because the process to remove THC can be costly and also some products might not include other cannabinoids as promised.


This means that these products contain CBD only. According to Lanier, isolate can be defined as the purest form of the extraction of the flower such that it holds a particular chemical substance such as CBD and no other cannabinoids.  Even though the consumers who cannot have any THC now have many options under broad spectrum products, isolate can be identified as the safest way considering the method it is produced. When CBD is isolated, it takes away any concerns about THC.

This is a good option for the consumers who are looking for consistent high quality 0% THC products and you can try V & You UK to find out CBD products with no THC at all.

Isolate is the best option for those who prefer products that don not have a lot of cannabis flavour.  However, some argue that isolate is not as effective as the products containing the whole plant elements. Even though isolate products do not contain THC or other cannabinoids, isolate process have proven to be an effective option among many consumer products and that CBD works perfectly fine on its own.

These are just some of the characteristics of the main three types of CBD. Therefore, research more into them and carefully consider each type in order to identify the benefits as well as concerns of each type to correctly understand what type of CBD suits you the best.

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