Packaging Tips for Small Businesses

You have your products ready to be sent out but how do you pack it? No matter how great or standard your product is, if it is not rightly packed or wrapped, you are still at a disadvantage. At the least, your customer will be unimpressed at the packaging or will forget your brand name right after they tore open the package and get the product.

At the most, the item will arrive damaged at the customer’s doorstep leaving you with a loss. So how do you ensure good packaging that is both impressive and safe? Keep reading the tips below to find out.

Be Innovative

Although minimalist designs are the trend these days, there is nothing that says you cannot get decorative. Especially if you are a starting business, having some extra details will help your brand stand out of the all the other packaging.


Get inspiration from known brands but remember not to copy them. Create something that reflects your business and your values. For example, if you are aiming to be a green business, choose paper bags for the package. But instead of just a paper bag, add an image or a sticker of your business logo or use your brand colours.

Product Information

As a starting business, when you are sending your product to the retailers, you will face quite a lot of competition. This means apart from making an impression about your name with the logos and colours, you also need to make the customers aware about your products.

So, add the product information in the packaging. This will include adding ingredients if it is a food item, adding the materials and other details if it is a clothing item etc. If there is something unique about the products of your brand, then the packaging is the place to add it – like using sustainable material, cruelty free ingredients or vegan ingredients in production.


If you have an online store, then you also have to think of how to make packages that are also safe. Your products need to be delivered without any damage from dirt and moisture. This means your packaging needs some extra wrapping.

To save from moisture and dirt, you need sealed and waterproof packaging. To keep the items, save throughout the delivery process, you can have packages or boxes sealed using packing tape. Rigid boxes made of plastic or cardboard can keep the items safe from damages such as cracks or tears. Using bubble wrap or crepe paper can keep fragile items safe.

Visual Appeal

Being innovative with your design is not enough if your packaging is not attractive. Most of the online small businesses are resorting to more aesthetically pleasing packages rather than the typical box or bag. Make something that your customers will find hard to forget.

If you know who your target market is, you can easily adopt the design to attract them. For example, children will love funky packages that are more colourful and have graphics and images. For adults, you might have to choose a slightly toned-down colour palette. Paper bags, gift box type packages, reusable cloth bags are some of the eye-catching package types.

Packages make the first impression. So, make sure to create ones that are unique and effective

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