Insomniac: A Natural Medication Guide

In order to have a calm, peaceful and productive day, there is no doubt that your sleep duration and quality is highly important. However, having insomnia can be a tough ride to bear with.

It’s completely normal to be an insomniac and seek natural and herbal remedies rather than prescribed medication. There are a variety of remedies present that’ll help you boost your sleep and regain a healthier schedule at night thus eventually easing all your side troubles such as irritation, anxiety, stress, etc.

In order to achieve the best of the natural and herbal remedies out there, discipline is key. Here are some of the things you can do at home that would help ease your insomnia.



Be it amongst the younger adults or the older ones, studies show that performing exercise daily promotes a healthy sleeping pattern. Certain other practices such as yoga helps increase your sleep efficiency while also allowing your body and mind to unwind and relax through the day. According to research and studies conducted, patients were known to quickly fall asleep after having performed such activities.

Essential Oils

Lavender oil has amazing qualities that help relieve stress and improve your sleeping routine. Alongside Lavender oil, several other essential oils are known to provide a sense of aromatherapy that can result in feeling calm and so easing you into a peaceful sleep. Chamomile oil is one other essential oil that helps our nervous system relax and reduce anxiety.

Kava Kava

A root that originates from the South Pacific called Kava is known to have calming effects that can be highly beneficial in reducing stress, anxiety, irritation thus promoting sleep amongst the people suffering from insomnia. You can look for HACCP certified Kava to help you ease your sleep deprivation. As per research people with insomnia were able to regain proper sleeping patterns after consuming Kava.


Having a sense of daily mindfulness has always shown a great impact on a person’s wellbeing. Meditation helps you unlock and achieve that necessary mindfulness to get you going through the day with a sense of peace. If it’s difficult for you to conduct meditation regularly on your own, you can even join a class or meditation group to get you going. Doing meditation has a positive effect on your sleeping patterns.

Night Routine

What we most often forget is how important our bedtime routine can be. With the technology all around us we often go to bed and spend hours staring at a screen. This habit can stand in the way of your sleep, making things a lot more complicated. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to adapt to a more night friendly bed time routine that helps you feel soothing, calming and relaxed. Get comfortable and let the sleep find you!

Apart from the few mentioned above, there are several other things that you can also consider attempting in order to cure your insomnia such as progressive muscle relaxation, valerian roots, etc. Let us know if you found this helpful!

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