Different Type of Advertising Agencies

There are various forms of advertising available today and so the type of agencies also broken down to the various types of advertising used today. If you take a quick look around you will find various agencies but if you haven’t worked with one before it’s quite hard to narrow your search.

Below we will talk about a few different types of advertisement agencies and some examples of when to employ their services.

Full-Service Ad Agency

As the name suggests this type of agency offers a complete range of services that include both digital and traditional forms of advertising. Some examples of services offered by a full-service ad agency are Ad campaigns, TV ads, Content Creating, Radio Commercials, Graphic Design, Strategic Planning, Social Media Ads, Web development, SEO, Lead Nurturing.

A full-service agency is best suited for a business that has a full marketing mix. This however requires a big budget too. They can run your marketing campaign on a traditional form like a newspaper or a digital platform like social media. Given the complexity of such an agency it works best when your company has a separate person to correspond with the agency.

Traditional Ad Agency

Traditional forms of marketing include television commercials, print media, radio and newspapers.

If you own a company that only caters to a local audience then this type of agency might be your best choice. Rather than running a nationwide direct mail campaign it makes sense to run it at a local level. So traditional ad agencies are effect at a local level.

Digital Ad Agency

This form of advertising is on the rise due to the increase and evolution of technology. They offer a full range of online service like Social Media Marketing, SEO(Search Engine Optimization), Lead generation, Account Based Marketing, Marketing Automation, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing.

This type of agency works best if you are trying to reach a specific audience because digital platforms allow targetingcapabilities that can be used to target a specific demographic with a wide reach. Nowadays having an online presence is very much necessary in order to create a brand for your business.

If you are looking for a good digital advertising agency Melbourne, check online or ask around.

Public Relations Ad Agency

Rather than specific advertisements public relations agencies work on managing and developing the public image of an organization. It is quite uncommon for SMEs to use Public Relation agencies. These types of agencies are used by CEOs and giant corporations that are interested in being highlighted in the public eye.

Creative Ad Agency

A creative agency works on the creative aspect of advertising in the sense they specialize in graphics and design of a brand. The execution and strategy however aren’t usually handled by this type of agency and will have to be outsourced.

Now that you know what different type of ad agency does, it will help you narrow your search down. When picking an agency make sure to select one that you can create a lasting relationship with.

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