Benefits of Plantation Shutters and The Types of Material Used

Plantation shutters or blinds are age old decorations for windows and they add a beautiful and aesthetic touch to the window thereby bringing out the entire look of the area. Modern shutters are a wonderful addition to any type of environment.

Some of the benefits of window shutters are:


Blinds can be made fit to any type of windows whether small or big bay windows and to any shape, circular or any other shape with sharp or smooth angles and this can be used instead of heavy curtains.

Decorative item

Adding plantation blinds can bring out the stylishness, elegance of the place and also makes it look more aesthetic. They can be used to compliment any room and become an item of décor. Unlike curtain which has to be picked carefully based on the colour of the room, that hassle can be skipped with the addition of blinds.

Home interior 3D rendering

For the regulation of temperature

Blinds are great insulation for the house, useful for ventilation during the summer, keeping away the sun and during winter it helps in keeping away the winter drafts, thereby keeping the house warm.

Save money

With the extra bit of insulation provided by the blinds it can lead to the lowering of the bills.

Block sounds from outside

The sound from outside can be blocked acting as a sound insulator, this would reduce the sound of traffic or vehicles from outside.

Effective solution to curb allergies

Curtains are difficult to clean and accumulate a lot of dirt, this can dissipate when cleaning making it difficult on those who have allergies, shutters on the other hand are very easy to clean and doesn’t accumulate dirt like curtains making it ideal for those who have allergies.

Shutters can fit anywhere, if you are on a budget you can only use it in the front of your house, this would give a beautiful look to the house and if you are planning to sell the house anywhere in the future this would create a good first impression among the buyers

There are many types of plantation shutters

Vinyl shutters

These are least expensive but may pose problem structurally when fitting in big windows. Vinyl does not have wood these types of shutters use PVC or aluminium for stability. Advantage is that these are weather resistant and last well in high moisture area.

Hollow vinyl

They are made of vinyl but because it has a hollow frame this cannot be used for large windows.

Solid vinyl

These are stronger than hollow vinyl because these are filled with blown PVC. Therefore, these are much stable than hollow.

Vinyl clad wood

These shutters are made of wood with vinyl wrapped up. Because of the wood these shutters are durable and stable and the vinyl coating makes it perfect for the moisture environment.

Composite shutters

Also known as fake wood or faux wood made of MDF wrapped up in vinyl or PVC. This makes this quite strong and stable while also being weather resistant.

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