A Fun Guide to Buying Your First Guitar

Just like cars and phones, musical instruments also come in variety of brands and models. Not to mention they come with their own set of accessories that make the instruments complete, including guitars.

Due to this very reason, shopping for a guitar for the first time could be a bit of a challenge, or rather a deeply exciting challenge. Nevertheless, it’s important to conduct a thorough research and have an idea in mind before shopping for one and finalizing it. Just as much as you pick the instrument, it also picks you. So, keep reading to find out more about guitars, to help ease your purchasing process.

Different types of guitars

If you’re a musical geek, you probably already know that a guitar has various types. Here’s a little insight on some of the common types of guitars used in this day and age:

  • Classical: a classic guitar is best known for playing classic, folk and flamenco music. It’s made of nylon strings that are easier to handle especially for young players.
  • Electrical: an electric guitar does not produce sound without the connection of an amplifier. The sound produced by this guitar can only be used to produce electric music.
  • Acoustic: with an acoustic guitar you can play any type of acoustic music. While it is almost the same as a classical guitar, one of the differences you find is the steel strings.
  • Bass: a bass guitar often comes with just four strings, and provided a much lower sound than the other guitars.

What to look for in a guitar

Being aware of what to look for when buying a guitar is important. Physical shopping is often preferred over online shopping especially since it’s your first time. You could even go ahead and check out Melbourne Music Centre to get a better idea.

Some of the things you need you need to look out for are: the neck of the guitar, the tuning system of it, the strings vs. the fret board and the condition of the guitar – be it second handed or new. It is also of equal importance to ensure the size of the guitar suits your comfort as well as test the guitar. This is because a good guitar is more than just looks and aesthetics.

Some of the important accessories of a guitar

Like we mentioned in the beginning, a guitar comes with various accessories, most of which are important and be of great help. Such as:

Tuner – this is an important accessory for all guitars as it helps maintain and tune the sound

Picks – while some prefer fingers, most prefer picks as they provide better and bright tone

Amplifier – this is an accessory that important only for electrical guitars

Straps–your guitar strap should be strong and of good quality. Make sure that it also doesn’t strain your back

Case – this is important in order to protect your guitar and the strings from dust and possible damages

Now that you know a bit more about guitars, happy guitar shopping!

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