A 101 Guide on Keeping Your Garden Safe

It’s no news that intruders and burglars often find their way through gardens, making it easier for them to break in to not just your house but also the garden shed, giving them the wide-open access towards stealing anything valuable that catches their eye, including your garden tools. Your garden is a part of your home, and therefore requires just as many safety protocols that you’ve given to your home in order to avoid safety mishaps.

Your land often starts and ends with a garden, leaving the back and front of your house vulnerable. So, you may wonder, what security features could you possibly add to something as open as a garden? Well, keep reading as we talk about some of the easy hacks and systems you could follow in order to provide safety and security to your garden.

Securing your garden shed

Just like the entrance of your home, the entrance to your garden shed should also be secured with locks that are weatherproof, in order to provide ultimate security. From adding good hinges in the door to ensuring there isn’t any loose wooden plans or boards in your shed that can be easily removed, every step counts. You can find some good hardware that’s needed to keep your shed secured at all times at Keeler Hardware Sydney based store.

Adding a gate to your garden

While it may not feel like much, adding a gate does better alongside a fence than without. This is due to the fact that with a gate to lock and secure, trespassers stepping foot on your land will be extremely rare. It would also reduce them from having the access towards a direct view to the inside of your house. With a gate by your garden, only you are in charge of who you let in. Adding proper locks to your gate is also equally important.

Getting rid of all blind spots

Overgrown bushes and tall grasses are a good way for intruders to blend in and hide behind, threatening the safety of your garden and your house. An unkempt garden could provide the impression that perhaps no one is living there due the lack of maintenance. Trimming your bushes and plants to a suitable height allows you to get rid of such blind spots with ease, ensuring your safety as most intruders will be deterred from taking any further steps.

Having the lights on in the dark

It’s always important to ensure you have proper lighting systems that shed ample amount of light to your garden and makes any movement visible to the eye. With lights on, burglars or intruders won’t have any dark spots to move through and would be aware of the risk of being caught due to the clear visibility. Thus, helping you reduce such security problems and dangers.

To top it all off, don’t forget to ensure you have at least one or two cameras facing your garden be it your front yard or backyard, and not just the door of your house.



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