Back pocket

The Back Pocket – is an ideal space to host events of all size and manner.
With a capacity to fit up to 70 guests, we’re happy to tailor a customized
food & beverage package to suit all tastes and budgets. Please get in touch for
more information.

Our Back Pocket has undergone a recent revamp. Rain, hail or shine this
indoor garden is the perfect space to enjoy drinks and good company. The
area caters for groups from 20 – 70 people. Depending on the requirement of
your function we can alter the space to suit your needs. Be it a work function,
birthday party, engagement or anything else, the back pocket has you covered.

Floating canapés and drink packages are available and can be catered to your
needs and budget. Enter your details and we’ll send you out our available packages
and be in touch to help with any questions regarding your event or function.